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WEDDING +                     Elopement

for the Midwest Romantics.

Alyssa Herold Nebraska Photographer

Your Camera Girl 


documenting moments
you'll hold onto
for years to come.

Time Will Stand Still


For one day, time will stand still.  You will find yourself feeling every possible emotion. Intensely, passionately and full of more love than your heart could have ever imagined.

Your mother will send you her best words of advice.  Your brother will grin cheek to cheek in awe over your beauty and happiness.  Your grandmother will praise how darling you look in that dress as she kisses the side of your cheek.  Your dad will brush a tear away as he hands you away to his new son. Your maid of honor will fix your veil and give you a wink. The best man will crack a joke of the day you two met and fill the room for laughter.

And time will stand still.

Meanwhile there is the faint click of a camera.  Capturing every single one of those moments will be captured from years to come.  To tell the story of the day you married the best person you have ever met.  The person who completes your soul.  The person who brings you comfort, security and makes you feel a once in a lifetime kind of love.

A can't eat, can't sleep, reach for the stars, over the fence, world series kind of love.

Time will stand still.

Bride and Groom on Wedding Day
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Omaha Wedding Photographer



Nebraska Wedding Photography; Bridal Portrait



Texas Wedding Photographer





this isn't just a wedding 
it's an all encompassing experience. 

you deserve someone who won't show up to take photos and leave

So what makes me different from other wedding photographers?

I've always had a heightened empathic ability to understand others on a deep, intimate level.  after I began shooting weddings, I realized how helpful that personal quality can be.

We'll spend an entire day together, so I'm here to look out for you. To lean on, rest all of your worries and celebrate everything single moment in between.  You won't even realize most of the beautiful moments that are 
happening because you'll be living so presently in your day. You might not see the way your Dad's eyes tear up as he walks you down the aisle.  Or how your Grandmother grabs her Kleenex to 

Details, I'm about every single detail.

n your wedding day, we know beautiful moments will present themselves. 

But those absolutely dreamy shots you've been pinning lately on your mood board?  Where every detail is elegantly designed, the right lighting is in focus; the clarity is there; and you can just feel the emotion?

There was a photographer who paid attention to detail behind the lens. There was a photographer who took control of the room to make sure
your gallery
is exactly what you asked for. 


You need someone who will make you feel comfortable, confident and can hype y
We're gonna hang for an entire day babe.
Your wedding photographer's personality should vibe.You need someone who's gonna be joyful and hype you up-- and chill when you need to relax. We're gonna communicate as much as necessary prior to your day, so when the day comes - you don't have to worry and can put confidence in my hands. When you begin to get anxious worried that time is slipping away, I'm gonna help you take a big breath and relax.  I'll ask you what you need. I'll grab you a glass of water when I can tell you're dehydrated.  I'm gonna jump out on the dance floor and get the party moving.  I'll sneak you and your squeeze off for a chance to spend some time alone together.  I'm going to work with your wedding coordinator, Maid of Honor and Mom on all of the BTS stuff so you can just focus on being present.  On your wedding day, beautiful moments will present themselves.  But I'll be there to guide them along the way. 


Missouri Wedding Photographer
South Dakota Wedding Photographer

After The Wedding Adventure Session

The HJCO After the Wedding Collection, is for the Bride who dreams of photos living on the edge. Typically, we take these photos either a few days after your Wedding or even for a vow renewal.  These shots include a lot of adventure.  Potentially a hike to a beautiful overlook in the mountains. An extra chance to slip on your dress and capture your love story and all of it's magic.





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